What Our Clients Have To Say

“Tarran is absolutely an inspirational female leader! She has strong passion to help individuals achieving their goals and to help communities creating harmony. She is very caring and patient, delightful to communicate with. Her seven areas of leadership and mind-mapping tool were very helpful! I have learned a lot more about myself and my pathway to success from her!”

Lucy Zhou, Griffith Business School Student Leader

“Her professional elegance and charisma shine like stars against a universe of wisdom, generosity and humanity. Tarran is both Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother (making things happen). Tarran inspires innovation, helping me to be the change that I want to see within the workplace.”

Adrian Langford, National Human Resources Manager at Gallagher Bassett (Australia)

“Imagine receiving a new appreciation of life’s challenges, a deeper respect for others, and a stronger focus on personal values… Imagine gaining renewed inspiration and motivation to accept personal responsibility for leadership in work, life and family… Imagine awakening to a holistic view of, and approach to, a work-life balance that encourages evolution and renewal of personal vision, goals and priorities… do this and you have a glimpse of the profound impact experienced when working with Tarran.”

Ron Pauley, Education Liaison Librarian – encouraging independent learners through information literacy

“Tarran has inspired me to continue along my path towards achieving my goals. By listening to what I had to say, understand my history and respect me as an individual she managed to provide me with useful feedback and great advise as to what I should be doing today to get where I want to be in the future. I highly recommend Tarran to anyone wishing to utilize her services.”

Ellisabet Osk Gudmundsdottir, Honours Student at Griffith Business School

“Tarran is highly motivated and creative person, she is an excellent presenter who engages well with her audience. I have always been impressed by her presentation skills when dealing with Government and Non Government service providers.”

John Wyss, Manager at Department of Communities

“Tarran has a way of connecting with people to bring out their best. Her values are on show for all to see – which gives staff the confidence to fulfill their potential.”

Daniel Alexander, Group Manager Human Resources at Queensland Airports Ltd