Webinar: Demystifying Linkedin





In May 2013, Linkedin’s 2,900,000 members grew by 200,000 compared to Facebook’s 45,000 in growth. Increasingly Australians are focusing on their professional identity, workplace profiles and company positioning. Whether you are considering:


– changing careers or employers


– attracting, engaging or retaining staff


– seeking out potential alliances, contractors or leads


– building networks with key professionals


– or simply wish to gather resources for your client base


Linkedin is THE most strategic social media tools for professionals and those seeking services from or delivering products and services to!


In this special event Corporate Cinderella’s Tarran Deane will highlight:


* Why Linkedin is THE place to be connected if you’re interested in building genuine relationships with professionals in the marketplace


* How you can use Linkedin’s FREE membership to find your feet, before you begin paying for the Premium Membership upgrades


* How to insert keywords into your Profile Descriptors


* Understanding the difference between recommendations and endorsements and why they’re both important


* How to write your Profile Summary to suit your market / audience


* And more including a sample of Tarran’s own script responses to those ‘unsolicited’ invitations


Discover how you can initiate, engage and strengthen relationships, online to generate offline appointments!


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