Diversity + Inclusion = Success across your People, Practice & Process

With more than 16 years working in the Human Services sector, focusing on disability inclusion and employment opportunities for minorities, we are committed to helping organisations  reduce the gap, minimise fear of the unknown and create a stronger community.

Mandating inclusion and diversity in policy is one thing; embedding it across your business is a cultural priority, yielding significant benefits to large and small companies. In a recent McKinsey & Company report, parallels of enhanced profitability were confirmed with top performing companies who creatively sought ways to attract and retain top talent

Our core focus is on supporting organisations to increase Diversity and Inclusion ratios of women, and men from different backgrounds, through:

(1) understanding the stressors faced by the target groups they aiming to reach

(2) building the capability of Leaders to achieve professional outcomes within a flexible framework that values their current dynamics, reduces workplace stressors, including the risk of suicide brought about by situational stressors, protects the company brand as a by-product, increasing leadership productivity, influence and retention in a competitive labour market

 How We Work With Industry

Individual capability can be enhanced without sacrificing relationships or seeing good people leave. In order to increase diversity and inclusion, we use a range of tools and techniques to identify gaps and barriers to achieving organisational aims.

We invest in the transformation of individuals and teams through building rapport and trust, linking KPIs to behavioural indicators and organisational values, while genuinely caring about the outcomes for your people. This can be done in your preferred ways:

  • Working with your core leadership team
  • Working with departmental heads
  • Working with teams
  • Working with individuals

We work with clients who not only are being ‘seen’ to do the right thing; they truly ‘want’ to do the right thing.

Our aim is to help your business achieves its’ aims and broaden organisatioanl capacity through positive inclusion and diversification.


Women: Promotion | Career Readiness | Transition | Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Disability: Working with team members living with a physical, sensory, intellectual or psychiatric disability

Family Factors: Single | Step | Blended | Divorce | Separation

Flyin Flyout Strategies: Peak Performance | Transitions | Self Care

Additional Support Services:

Psychology services | employee assistance programs | chaplaincy


Let’s start with a Discovery Conversation:

A. Phone | Skype: Complimentary 30 minutes

B. Face to Face within Gold Coast – Brisbane CBD region is: minimum 1 hour @$1,697 includes an audio report within 3 days of meeting of our recommendations . We generally prefer to attend your workplace for observation purposes


All Pricing is on Application as we Design Programs in collaboration with our clients using a mix of face to face consulting, inclusions and agreed messaging using a range of technologies such as audio, visual, text, email and membership access.

Consulting Timeframes run for fixed periods of 3 | 6 | 9 | 12 months to embed change with various inclusions.

Make the Call

If you’d like to discuss your particular needs contact us today, by clicking on the Complimentary Consultation box on this page or calling:

> 1300 556 553 within Australia;

> +61 417 654305 Internationally