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Corporate Cinderella Consulting Checklist for LeadersSo how are day to day operations affecting you, your people and ultimately, your bottom line?


Are you feeling like closing the office door, putting your head against it and just for a moment…. letting your eyes leak? The financial reports and KPIs are telling more and more of a gloomy story?Are you frustrated as you walk back to your car, late again leaving work, preoccupied that things didn’t get done and you haven’t a clue how you’re going to switch off tonight and spend time with the family?


Your not alone and your not doing anything wrong. You simply may not KNOW what you need to “KNOW and DO” to change your Leadership and Business Results. We understand you can’t do all the tasks by yourself. This is where our expert assistance of our Trusted Advisor Consulting Portfolio. We invite you to consider:


* Exploratory Tours – Understanding your business; Strengths, Weakness, Threats & Opportunities, Team dynamics, the interplay of policies and procedures vs the reality of life in action


* Drafting an Observations Report – and tailoring services in response to agreed priorities. This is a favoured strategy used by many organisations who call us in to undertake an onsite visit, walk around, meeting with the senior leader(s) and perhaps board or committee representative. Offsite research results may be added to our findings and included in our Recommendations Report, used for the purposes of Culture identification, Rebranding, QA Compliance, Risk, Increasing marketplace presence, Decreasing dependancy on government funding (if applicable), and delivering the best possible customer services to internal and external clients and suppliers.


* Identifying Resource Gaps – to implement quality improvements and minimise the impact on business of not undertaking them i.e. safeguarding inventory, risk minimisation, litigation, loss of IP – intellectual property, brand reputation


* Facilitating Strategic Planning – Developing 3, 5 & 10 year plans to protect your core Vision, Mission & Values and empower your people and support network to know what you’re aiming for!


* Guiding the Development of Operational Planning – Developing INNOVATIVE goals ensuring your business, service and Leadership are positioned as authority figures in the marketplace


* Delivering Leadership & Team Development Training – Bringing your people together ‘corporately’ or ‘in unity’ to achieve ‘Cinderella’ or ‘transformational’ results. The majority of training is  conducted on the Gold Coast, Australia


* Trusted Advisor – Identifying where we may become a trusted advisor, investing our expertise in leadership & change management and strategies including succession planning


Business Leadership Consultant & Host of the Corporate Cinderella "SUCCESS CLIQUE" Leadership Development Program, Tarran Deane 0417 654305 www.corporatecinderella.com.auExecutive calibre and a down to earth professional, Tarran’s strategic and operational knowledge combines with strength, femininity, competency, clarity and confidence to:


* live by your values with peace and certainty

* save you and your business time and money

* reduce your legislative risk exposure

* increase effectiveness on the job

* introduce you to innovative business practices used by some of Australia outstanding entrepreneurs

* provide you with strategies to attract, engage & retain the best fitting people for your culture

* reduce your stress levels

* oh, and maybe just leave work feeling like you’ve still got some reserve in the tank for your family!


Corporate Cinderella is an exclusive, ultimate professional development blueprint for male and female leaders and change agents. Only our exclusive monthly Masterclass events are set aside for the business chicks. Our Corporate Cinderella Consulting Authority, Coaching and Speaking Services are uniquely different and highly sought after.  If you’d like to apply or learn more about our suite of services, we’d love you to….


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Always believe you have a future and a hope! While your work may be a large part of who you are and you want to do it well,  it is not the sum of your identity or worth. Redefine your glass ceilings. Shake the status quo. Practice diligence. Tell your organisations story in a whole new way!