Executive Coach

If you’re a CEO | Board Member | Executive | Entrepreneur | Senior Manager | Senior Pastor | Politician | Educator or NGO Service Director …

You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you learn more about our values based Leadership Coaching Programs.

Your Leadership Development Coaching is delivered in a Mixed-Mode environment of Face to Face, Skype, Phone and Webinar, with clients drawn from a range of areas across Australia including Hobart, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Our international clients and conversations extended into New Zealand, Malaysia and the USA.

Our face to face coaching elements with Tarran Deane take place in Australia’s Home of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast City, Queensland, right near world famous Burleigh Beach.

Our Coaching Program has been designed for you to focus on:

  • captivating your team and your clients and developing fresh methods to take you out of the ‘operational’ and back into the strategic focus of your business
  • determining what ‘real results’ look like for your area of responsibility
  • courageously identifying & implementing your personal and professional boundaries
  • executing on organisational, strategic and operational objectives
  • amplifying your communication skills for Speaking presentations, from the Boardroom to the Conference Hall
  • enhancing your next level negotiation skills while leading change in powerful strategy ways that catalyse your team, communicate more effectively to build relationships and move everyone towards the end goal!
  • Oh and importantly, equipping and coaching you to achieve growth as a Leader of influence in your sector

Typical Employers and Individual Leaders are drawn from public listed companies,  managers, academics, mining, retail employers, health, community service employers, government, churches, small business owners, entrepreneurs and speaking professionals.

Which Coaching Level is For Me?

Our Coaching is designed to deliver maximum value with maximum ease. Tarran coaches Executives and Leaders with a mix of resources and research intended to maximise your outcomes, grow your critical thinking and enhance your communication and effectiveness.

Oh and in the words of one recent Employer….

“I know she’s a great person and clever, but she needs something more and I don’t think I’ve been supporting her as well as I could’ve been. When can you start?”

Take a look at our Coaching Program options:

Download (PDF, 60KB)


How to Make a Coaching Enquiry With Tarran Deane:

Tarran works with only 20 Coaching Clients across our Propel and Performance High Level Programs, ensuring personalised attention. Our Powerhouse and Positioning Clients usually come to us as a result of an emerging need, career transitions, or seasonal stressors in the workplace.

1. Consider WHICH Coaching Program you are able to commit to both with time, energy and investment

2. Schedule a Call using the 30 minute complimentary consult button on the right of this page. It leads to Tarran’s available calendar. These times are always different, as they reflect Tarran’s monthly conference and travel commitments, where she’s undertaking the latest training across our “Signature 7 Leadership Framework”, to bring you the latest insights.

^ If the matter is urgent and connecting is a priority, email office@corporatecinderella.com.au or call  +61 (0)417 654305 if no preferred time slot is visible and we may be able to manually select a time.

3. On the appointed day and time, call Tarran on +61 (0)417 654305 or Skype (by previous arrangements)


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