We Had to Get a Nicer House!

Everyone moves sometimes. We needed a bigger house. Well we needed to review the foundations and invest in some extra supports to host our new programs and services.

That’s why you’ll find the latest content over at www.tarrandeane.com We’re continuing to deliver:

  • Leadership Keynote Conference Speaking
  • Change Management & Culture Consulting
  • Executive Coaching Programs with 3 levels
  • and… we’re now delivering a range of leadership programs through Tarran Deane Education

Come visit and grab yourself a copy of  the Values Tree PDF, available from the homepage sign-up form. Values should be the foundation piece of your workplace. When that’s right it is like sap through a tree that will help you weather the myriad of storms and change that assault you as a leader. I mean that – assault. Quite often it feels like there’s no where to run and you’ve simply got to stand and execute whether you have enough people, or resources to do it. You and your team are the difference makers.

C’mon over to tarrandeane.com. We want you to feel right at home.

Here’s the link you need: or visit here www.tarrandeane.com