One More Thing…. Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas!


I love Christmas, but this year has been kind of different. As I sit on my verandah and wait to hear the sound of Dave coming home on his motorbike, the Christmas lights sparkle and the storm bird calls.


I’ve been tired and found it harder to guard the balance that’s so important to this leadership and entrepreneurial life.



We have many colleagues and friends all facing situations we may know nothing about; caring for elderly parents, estrangement from children, embattled ex’s, false accusation, fear of redundancy, isolation or even health concerns.  


But these things remain – faith, hope & love



To the many colleagues, clients, friends and family, thank you for being part of our story this year!



Spare a thought for those who are working these holidays ~ emergency services, community services, hospitality, council workers. Thank you to all who work behind the scenes to create something special for community!


See you in the New Year! 


Merry Christmas!