Thank You QRC Inspire WIRNA & Co-Sponsors for Investing in Diversity & Inclusiveness

It was wonderful to be in your company at the recent Inspire! Convention and the WIRNAAwards. Leia and I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you face to face and heard some of your stories. Well done to each of you, the Finalists and of course Laura Tyler as the Overall Winner for 2014, for the inspiring difference you’re making in the Australian Resource Sector.


We’re excited about working with Laura who received our Premium Executive Coaching Scholarship valued at $12,000. Laura’s keynote and panel contributions at the Inspire! Convention earlier in the day provided genuine insights. We loved her philosophy of ‘Team Tyler’ and her true commitment to investing in the communities and creating opportunities for inclusiveness at every level.


Well done Laura!


Laura Tyler Most Exceptional Woman in Australian Resources with Tarran Deane CEO Corporate Cinderella awarding 12,000 Premium Executive Coaching Scholarship





Post Event “What Do We Do Now?”

You’ve been to the Convention, experienced the positive vibes and heard the language of diversity and inclusion! Now you’re back in your own workplace, priorities pressing in and all too soon, the convention could be a misty memory! Hold on to advances you’ve made. Leverage momentum.


That’s where we step in!


As a former national executive, responsible for multi-million budgets, bringing the best out in your teams, liaising with stakeholders, juggling family and relationships while pursuing excellence…. we so understand the juggling you do every day!


Here’s our TOP Tips for making the most out of the Inspire! Convention & WIRNAawards:


(1) Reflect on what jumped out at you during Laura Tyler’s Keynote, the Panel and afternoon sessions
Prioritise 3 key learnings to focus on during the next 90 days


(2) Gather all those business cards you exchanged, quickly jot a few key points on them in pen, remembering what you chatted about with the person


(3) Use a scanning iPhone app like ScanBizCards . It lets you upload the contacts straight to Evernote, set up a default email message and issue a LinkedIn Invitation. Streamlining combined with intentional relationship building is important if you can make it happen


(4) Go through your Convention show bag and leverage all those bonus gifts including your 30 minute PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL Complimentary Discovery Session with Corporate Cinderella :


(5) Pursue the promising conversations and ideas you’ve had. Be bold. Keep clear values and personal boundaries. Take the conversations offline and seek to add value where you can


(6) Share your learnings with your colleagues in a considered way over the next 3 months. Write a blog, schedule social media posts on LinkedIn, setup a Pinterest account with a folder called ‘Conferences Attended’, search for the conference hashtags on social media.


(7) Be an Ambassador and be inclusive. Humility and boldness are a powerful combination when seeking to grow your influence. Whether your workplace has an agenda for women, disability, cross cultural and indigenous culture, you’ll stand a greater likelihood of achieving objectives through genuine relationship building ACROSS sectors and community vs. focusing solely on targets and numbers. Relax a little. You’ve got this….



Some Ideas From Us to Take Your Business Forward – of course we’re going to demonstrate boldness and showcase how we can help!


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Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Your career and the impact you have in your workplace is a reflection of your character, commitment, capacity and responsiveness to circumstances within your control and external to it.


We believe in you!


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Tarran Deane is an international Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Change and Diversity Consultant. Passionate about Helping Leaders Lead, Tarran is the CEO & Founder of Leadership Development Company “Corporate Cinderella”, based on Australia’s Gold Coast [Home of the 2018 Commonwealth Games]. For Speaking, consulting or coaching enquiries simply call our office on 1300 556 553 within Australia or internationally +61 417 654305


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