Creative Conference Note-Taking That Builds Your Online Brand & Shares the Learning

I love working with great conference organisers, AV Teams, PR and Media. They know something we Leaders could learn about positioning your reputation online using images that are correctly branded. Pull up banners with QR Codes, polling and live feeds. Conferences aren’t what they used to be.


As a former National Executive and General Manager, this wasn’t on my radar. This sought of thing was the responsibility of the marketing and IT departments; but now I think of it, I’m sure they didn’t factor in ‘individual’ brand management. Their focus would have been purely on the organisation and the team, well, ‘vehicles’ to elevate the business brand vs individual leadership brand. That’s where it’s your responsibility to position ‘’ intentionally, whether you’re working independently or for an employer.


The landscape has changed with the increase in personal devices and you now have greater power at your fingertips to:


(1) intentionally safeguard your brand
(2) purposefully label each piece of imagery, pdf, whitepaper, chart, or AV to position you higher in Google
bury out-dated information further in google
(3) bury irrelevant information further down the page
(4) become creative with your note taking to share your learnings with your team and community.


Let’s take a glimpse at HOW you can enhance your online reputation through leveraging photos appropriately.


Scenario: You’re attending a conference and want to be intentional with the ‘memories’ you gather.  Here are a few ideas for you and your colleagues to practice next time you’re at a Conference; mine or someone else’s:


Sample Note with Instaquote Background_used by Tarran Deane for creative conference note taking. What do you use?



(A) Get clear on hashtags for the event e.g. #QRC #Leadership #corporatecinderella


(B) Get clear on what other identifying information you want shared to build your Leadership Profile e.g. @Tarran Deane #keynotespeaker #executivecoaching


(C) Where do you want to point people to? Your Linkedin Profile, your Website? You may need a link e.g. becomes saving you a few characters when posting the image with covering text or if you want to add a hyperlink, simply write click HERE


(D) Do you want to give them your phone number? e.g. +61 (0)417 654305 I wouldn’t go overboard if you’re still finding your way with this. If your website or Linkedin Profile has other contact information on it, aims for the path of least resistance; most people prefer anonymity so they’ll head to a url, before they’ll pick up the phone.^note: clever websites have hotspots and cookies that can detect your IP address so you’re not as anonymous as you may think…


Then What:

(i) Write all of the above in the Note | Memo section of your iPhone, iPad or similar


(ii) Once at the event simply copy and paste into your favourite note taking tool for easy sharing.


(iii)Permission to take photos of the slides? Maybe not. So be courteous here. Professional Speakers guard their IP, and rightly so. It’s like the gold in the ground and the meat on the shelves. They may provide you with a link to their website, but that’s a whole other post you can read. Instead: Check the conference etiquette regarding taking photos


Speaking at the Local Government Association Conference on #Leadership #Trust #Amplifying Your Brand - Tarran Deane #ConferenceSpeaker #ExecutiveCoach #Consultant +61 417 654305 . Book Touch Base With Me by Scheduling a 15 Min Conversation Here: Speaking at the Local Government Association Conference on #Leadership #Trust #Amplifying Your Brand – Tarran Deane #ConferenceSpeaker #ExecutiveCoach #Consultant +61 417 654305 . Touch Base With Me by Scheduling a 15 Min Conversation Here:



You know all the pictures of you at conferences? The quotes, screenshots and marketing collateral that you upload in your articles, on your blog, on your LinkedIn Profile – even the company Annual Report? They are pieces that could strategically position you higher in search engine results and thereby push down any outdated or irrelevant information. Next time you go to upload an image to a blog or article, try and save it to your desktop first and give it a genuine filename, with your keywords.


What Do I Use?

Here are some of my favourite iPhone & iPad apps for capturing memories at Conferences and lifting my personal and organisational brand.
App Summary_used by Tarran Deane for creative conference note taking. What do you use?

– Camera –  snap with a purpose & send a ‘thank you’ burst on the conference twitter feed


– Instaquote – hands down favourite for going viral and gaining traction


– MindPreview – mind mapping tool. Nice; easy to export to pdf…


– Noteshelf – love using my stylus with this one so I can be really tactical and visual with my notes.


What else?


Oh, and there was that recent app I found that might just help me next time I’m in a major city car park….. FindMyCar!




Tarran Deane is an international Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Change and Diversity Consultant. Passionate about Helping Leaders Lead, Tarran is the CEO & Founder of Leadership Development Company “Corporate Cinderella”, based on Australia’s Gold Coast [Home of the 2018 Commonwealth Games]. Tarran is also the 2015 President, National Speakers Association of Australia (QLD NT).
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