If You Want Me To Get Naked, at Least Tell Me Your Name!





A recent trip to a medical centre for a bone scan got me fired up about customer service and workplace culture. Nothing big; just the basics. Why aren’t we all taking better care of our customers and each other? I saw older men and women, young mums with kids, business people rushing in from their day, other’s waiting anxiously for reports. Most off us were about to be ‘stripped naked’ and clothed in a piece of blue tissue paper.


Each staff member of the health care centre enters a person’s life story from the moment they walk through the automatic doors. The culture our workplaces present becomes all important. There are no roles; no receptionists; no scanner experts. Just symbols of hope and service. Sadly, many blindly enter data, answer phones, smile shallow greetings until someone disrupts their flow and reminds them….


If you want me to get naked at least tell me your name!


I remember facilitating a leadership workshop years ago and covering the old  C.A.R.E acronym ‘Customers Are Really Everything’. It’s time for a shakeup. People need a little more ‘how to’, not broad statements.


Here’s a new take on the CARE Factor.


Approaching the counter I was standing there for more than 5 minutes before anyone gave me eye contact. Once person was working with patients and the 2nd was busily doing data entry and completing forms. I’m sure they were very nice people and certainly busy.


So here’s a lesson for all of us:

1st Naked Truth: Call them by name & tell me your name  Don’t be so busy that you forget to CALL THEM BY NAME. The second person looked up and asked if I had an appointment? I had handed her my referral form with all of the details on from the appointment I’d made the day before.


I make it my business to let people know they’re ‘seen’. It’s a form of ‘positive disruption’, encouraging them to pause what they’re doing and really take note of their surroundings and the people in front of them. I purposefully asked her name. She told me it was Julie. Smiling back I said ‘Thanks Julie, I like to know who’s looking after my health care’


2nd Naked Truth: Be Attentive. Read what is on the form and then when you’re asking all the personal information before I get naked, please do something out of the box – introduce yourself!


It goes something like this: “Hi Tarran, I’m Susan” [this is where a name badge should usually be; there’s no name badge on this person we’re calling Susan] but it would go “Hi Tarran, I’m Susan welcome to XYZ Medical Centre or Scanning Centre . I’m going to give you a form, I’d like you to fill out and when you’ve done that we’ll be sure to take you through the next step and that is your scan which will take roughly 10 minutes. So take a seat. As soon as our stenographer , laugh, wrong word, ‘scanner’ is ready we’ll give you a call”


I love seeing people ‘getting along’ and ‘getting connected’. Ever felt like you’re not seen as a customer? How much more responsibility does that place on us then to be better ‘servers’ within our business teams?


But the person behind the counter didn’t call me by name and didn’t introduce herself, until I prompted her. After all if you want me to get naked – please use my name and please tell me your name!


The scanner guy, whatever the correct term is, laugh, came out and did call me by name but didn’t introduce himself. But I saw his name badge. So I went “Hi Michael, I’m Tarran I understand you’re going to be doing my scan today.” and he said “Yes I am”. I responded with “How lovely! Um, what do I need to do?” and he showed me a  dressing room and invited me to get NAKED laugh, oh my gosh! Get Naked and just left me hanging there! So I had to clarify, then what would you like me to do and where would you like me to go?” So putting on the lovely hospital gown, I then opened the door and Michael was just down the corridor and I said “Where would you like me to go now Michael?” [I think my nearly 6′ frame and corporate gear may have been a little intimidating?]


It was my first time visiting this renovated centre and as I’m heading down towards him, he says “Oh, just here is fine” I’m watching him fixing a huge printer. Obviously its where the reports came out and the printouts from the imaging machine front the scan.  At that time I noticed he looked flustered. When he showed me into another room where the big scanning equipment was Michael asked me if I had my form on me? Knowing I’d given it to him before he ‘asked me to get naked’ and it turns out Michael had in his fluster and busyness lost the form. A short 8 metre walk down the hallway.


My question to you is: How inattentive do you become in the busyness of all the work that you need to do?


So, remember, Call me by name if you want me to get naked. Be attentive. Be attentive.


Tell Me Your Name


The scan was done.


3rd Naked Truth: Build rapport & be responsive!  We did the scan. We had the conversation. We had a little bit of a chat around how the results would be sent through to the Doctor. I went “Ok, no problem”. He then said, “Just proceed outside and see the girls when you’re ready.” So I’m thinking that I’m going to receive an outcome [ i.e. the scanned images like other patients had].


I went outside. The girls did see me at reception. There was no calling me by name, even though I’d just been naked. They hadn’t been attentive out the back with my paperwork. They still weren’t attentive when I came to the front counter.


Michael saw me after about 10 minutes and went “oh, have you seen the girls yet?” I said, “Oh, I’ve been waiting for them to call me [mindful that’s what they’ve done with everyone else, who’d been receiving copies of their images; even though the medical report was being sent to the Doctor].


So here’s the thing: We also need to step right up as customers and staff. We need to RELATE and see what the RESPONSE is.What are the NEXT steps?


And I went up to the girls. Went to pay and a different lady took my card, processed it through my cheque account and she went, “Great, that will be all. The images will be ready in about 48 hours”. I sought to clarify “I thought the’d be ready for me to take with me now.”


“Oh, no, they won’t be ready before that”.


In turn I went “I’m really disappointed by that. I would’ve like to have been advised pot that at the very beginning, because then I could have made sure I paid for my transaction and that I could get on with my day. After all, I’d just been naked. I didn’t figure it was a one night stand. I thought this was going to be possibly a relationship that we’d have because it’s healthCARE.


And the final thing, that I’d like to leave you with is:
4th Naked Truth: Evaluate the experience. Here’s a sample script
“I hope this has been a good experience for you today. Look forward to helping you out in the future if the need arises. “


So there you have my 4 Naked Truths! 4 simple ways to build trust with your clients, customers and patients!


If you want me to get NAKED, please:


1. CALL me by name; please introduce yourself!
2. Be ATTENTIVE – don’t lose the paperwork;
3. RESPOND to your Clients really well. CHECK that everything has gone okay and
4. EVALUATE next steps and ways that you can improve your service better.


Culture is intrinsically linked to our daily practice and the processes we follow.


What experience have you had with the CAREFactor?


Have you been shown a lot of CARE? Have you built rapport before people ask you to get ‘naked’ with their story and their situation?
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I’m Tarran Deane, CEO of Corporate Cinderella and please, if you want me to ‘GET NAKED’ call me by name.


Demonstrate the CARE factor.


Talk to you soon!


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